Our Story

The Problem

In September 2022, I proudly completed graduate school. Armed with an impressive-sounding degree in aerospace engineering, I struggled to find a job.

Like many of my peers, I spent months applying for jobs online, a search that yielded almost no results. Discouraged and frustrated, I realized that online applications were less than optimal. With thousands of online applicants, you almost never receive feedback, nor can you possibly stand out in a crowd.

a crowd of applicants

The Process

I decided it was worth seeking advice so I went to my uncle, who was running a successful start-up, and he emphasized the crucial role of networking in job hunting. With his guidance, I learned the art of networking.

However, as my network expanded, I found that organizing all of my information became cumbersome: I was manually tracking contacts in Excel, referencing and recording meeting notes and contacts in Word, and scheduling and referencing previous or ongoing interactions in various calendars.

difficulty organizing

The Solution

Reflecting on my job-hunting journey, I realized that networking is rarely taught as part of the education curriculum, nor was there a comprehensive tool to streamline the process. My research yielded no solutions, so I set out to create one that will revolutionize the way we network.

Chasqui is an all-in-one networking platform that leverages AI to generate tailored communications based on the data and meeting notes you gather while networking. The platform combines AI with learning and organization tools, empowering you to build, leverage, and maximize your network connections for a successful job hunt or professional life.

networking With Chasqui

Why Chasqui?

Named after Incan messengers who traversed vast distances on the Inca trail to deliver critical information, the Chasquis bridged gaps in the Inca Empire, connecting cities.

Comparably, Chasqui connects you to others, bridges the gap between people and ensures the swift and effective exchange of career-building information. The conch shell held by the Chasquis, symbolized in Chasqui's logo, represents the platform's ability as the tool to announce users' presence and let them connect to the world.

bridging the gap